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virtual agenda

10:00 AM – 10:05 AM (GMT) | WELCOME ADDRESS

Welcome and opening remarks.

10:10 AM – 10:40 AM (GMT) | Keynote Presentation – CX, Customer Support & AI

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10:45 AM – 11:30 AM (GMT) | Panel DiscussioN: Re-Imagining Customer Experience in the Age of AI & Machine LearninG

In an era shaped by AI and machine learning, the customer experience landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. This panel discussion delves into the innovative strategies reshaping customer interactions and expectations.

  • How have AI-driven insights enable hyper-personalised experiences, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Exploring the ethical considerations surrounding AI deployment and ensuring responsible, empathetic AI-driven interactions.
  • Delving into strategies for businesses to seamlessly integrate AI and machine learning into existing customer experience frameworks, optimising efficiency while maintaining a human touch.

11:35 AM – 12.05 pm (GMT) | Keynote: Empowering Tomorrow’s Workforce – Strategies to Bridge the AI Skills Gap

This keynote focuses on strategies that businesses can put in place to bridge the AI skills gap, empowering individuals and organisations to thrive in an AI-driven future:

  • Understanding the challenges businesses face in terms of the AI skills shortage and the skills essential for success in this dynamic environment.
  • How to empower learning initiatives and what best practices can be implemented to cultivate a culture of continuous learning and upskilling, fostering adaptability and resilience within teams.
  • What solutions should be applied to develop successful frameworks that address skill shortages and facilitate a seamless transition into an AI-centric era?

12:10 pm – 12:40 pm (GMT) | Fireside Chat: Breaking Barriers – Meet the Women Pioneering AI & Gender-Inclusive Technology

This fireside chat will celebrate the role of women at the forefront of AI innovation and their pivotal contributions in shaping a more inclusive technological landscape. It will shine a light on the importance of gender-inclusive AI design and development to mitigate bias and why it needs addressing now.

  • The pivotal role of gender diversity in shaping the landscape of AI innovation and technology.
  • Strategies and approaches employed to cultivate inclusivity within the world of AI and key challenges businesses face.
  • Discussing actionable steps and insights to drive a gender-inclusive culture within the world of AI.

12:45 pm – 13:15 pm (GMT) | Keynote: Safely Scaling AI while Exploring Ethics, Responsibility, & Governance

This keynote will delve into the intricacies of safely scaling AI, navigating the ethical considerations, responsibilities, and governance surrounding its implementation:

  • Understanding the critical balance between AI scalability and ethical implications, along with the need for responsible deployment to mitigate potential risks and societal impact.
  • Exploring frameworks and strategies for ethical AI development and deployment, highlighting the importance of governance structures to ensure accountability and fairness in AI systems.
  • Addressing the evolving landscape of AI regulations and policies and highlighting the challenges and opportunities businesses face across industries.


Join this panel discussion to discover the advancements and trends shaping the AI landscape and where to focus resource. Experts will cover topics from AI legislation and ethics, to AI-powered personalisation, Edge AI and IoT Convergence, cybersecurity and quantum AI.

AI-Powered Personalisation: Exploring how AI continues to refine personalised experiences in various sectors – from e-commerce to healthcare, improving customer engagement and service delivery.
Responsible AI: Delving into the ethical and responsible deployment of AI, addressing biases, ensuring fairness, and emphasizing transparency in algorithms to build trust and mitigate societal concerns.
Understanding the ever-evolving world of Edge AI and IoT Convergence, cybersecurity and quantum AI and what the future holds.

14:10 pm – 14:40 pm (GMT) | keynote: Harnessing the Possibilities of Generative AI to Drive Success

This session will look to the future and uncover the transformative capabilities, practical applications, ethical considerations, and future implications of Generative AI technology across industries.

  • Unveiling Generative AI’s innovative capabilities for sparking creativity and transforming traditional business processes.
  • Unveiling Generative AI’s innovative capabilities for sparking creativity and transforming traditional approaches.
  • Outlining future trends of Generative AI, challenges that businesses may encounter and how it can be utilised for success.


Is the fear of AI-driven job losses paralysing innovation? Or is this fear warranted? As rapid progress in AI arouses ‘tech anxiety’ around job displacement, privacy invasion, biased decision-making, our panellists delve into the uncertainties about its long-term impacts on society and how we can shift business culture and mindset to foster trust in this transformative technology.

15:20 – 15:25 (GMT) | Closing remarks

Closing remarks to conclude the event.